— 24.12.2019


Christmas day is just around the corner, and dinner plans are starting to shape up. Some prefer classic dishes, while others may enjoy a more alternative take on Christmas menus. So why not try something new?


We can’t bear the thought of life without potatoes, as they can be made into so many delicious styles. Usually served baked, mashed, or fried, how is it possible to have a traditional Christmas dinner without roasted potatoes? Did you know that you can use the skins of the potatoes you’ve peeled? Just add a little bit of olive oil and salt and roast them in the oven to enjoy a delicious snack whilst watching a festive movie.


You can also use tomato skins for sauce, carrot bits for crisps, lemon peels for candy, and cucumber skins for your morning smoothie.


Don’t forget to consider the number of guests and realistic portion sizes when preparing your Christmas Dinner, and you’re sure to have a leftover free Christmas.


It is possible to enjoy a great Christmas without leftovers and the small steps you take are the easiest way to prevent waste. We believe that every bit of food deserves respect, and it starts at home.


Inspired by Grundig’s Respect Food Campaign in partnership with Food for Soul.