Pickles: Food's Second Chance
Tip — 24.09.2019


Pickling is a process that gives food more flavour and a longer shelf life with just a few ingredients.

A unique addition to many dishes, pickles can top off a range of meals, from sandwiches to stews. Sometimes we end up with more food than we know what to do with and pickling was invented for these moments. It is incredibly easy, and pickled food can stay fresh for a number of months

You can discover unique flavours right in your kitchen while saving precious food from going to waste.

You can start with a classic, such as cabbage, cucumber, lemon or try something completely different. Don’t be afraid to try new vegetables and fruits.

Health benefits

Pickling preserves the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants of vegetables and fruits. For example, pickled beetroot is a great source of polyphenol, and cabbage is rich with betalain. You can rely on this duo to boost your immune system as they are a great source of antioxidants.

Pickles also contain bacteria that is beneficial for our digestive system and the building of Vitamin K

Here are a few of our favourite pickle recipes to try: pickled cherries, pickled lemon, pickled orange, pickled tangerine, pickled garlic.