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Wasting Food is Wasting Life

Our mission

Wasting food is wasting life

Unlike humans, food doesn’t judge us or discriminate against us. Food doesn’t value us any less or more depending on how we treat it. It gives and gives and takes nothing back. Food is life. Respect.

At GRUNDIG, we feel that it‘s our responsibility to lead the fight against food waste. To remind the world not to take food for granted, but to treat it with care. Because respecting food is the only way to make our earth the best home to be.

Only in 2016, we saved 25 tonnes of food, 4 community kitchens have been launched and 48.300 dishes served across these project.

As a global brand with a strong eco conscience, by adopting Respect Food initiative, we champion the cause of reducing the food waste. Our «Respect Food» initiative aims to inspire everyone to fight with food waste, to instruct how to tackle the waste in the kitchens with innovative products.

Join us and let’s #RespectFood together.

How much food do you waste?

Did you know that a third of the world’s annual food production ends up in the trash? That’s 1.3 BILLION TONNES of edible food wasted. It’s food that could feed 868 million of the world’s hungry. In fact, it’s 4-times the amount of food they need to lead nourished lives.

see the average amount of food wasted in each household
total food wasted
kg / year

Numbers are rough estimations based on an average UK household. Source:

You could save
€/ year

Numbers are rough estimations based on an average UK household grocery purchase. Source:

That's enough food
to feed a regular adult for

Days are calculated based on data from National Geographic. Source:

Food Waste Facts

million tons
of food wasted since you've been on this website —

1.3 billion tons

of food is wasted or lost globally per year

of CO2 are generated by food waste since you've been on this website —


generated per year by food waste

people could be feed with the food currently wasted in europe

Food loss and waste also amount to a major squandering of resources, including water, land, energy, labour and capital and needlessly produce greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to global warming and climate change.

of dairy product wasted in europe since you've been on this website —


of dairy products are lost or wasted in Europe every year.

Respect Food Partnerships

Though fighting food waste starts at home, and helped along by innovation, it takes real people with real vision to lead the charge.  Enter Chef Massimo Bottura and his cultural association Food For Soul. Founded to promote social awareness about food wastage and hunger, Food for Soul drives forward a range of initiatives in collaboration with chefs, artisans, food suppliers, designers and institutions.

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