Tips To Stop Dairy Food Waste | Respect Food
Tip — 26.03.2018

How to stop dairy food waste

But as much as we love indulging in these dairy delights, dairy products like milk are one of the wasteful groups of food.

Our Respect Food technologies have been specially designed to reduce food waste. CustomFresh+ can help your dairy products last 3 times longer, due to its precise temperature and airflow control. We, at Grundig are dedicated to creating a lifestyle which is sustainable and good for the planet. That’s why we are against food waste because every bit of food wasted is a problem for all of us.

These 3 examples highlight the most important reasons why dairy foods are wasted, and how we can avoid them.

1. It’s perishable
One of the biggest problems with buying milk is that it expires quickly. For every 360,000 tonnes of milk wasted, 30% of this is released as greenhouse gases, contributing to global warming. Yoghurt and cheese are often discarded because they’re not used up in time either, despite being longer lasting than milk. A simple way to help reduce this issue is to buy smaller portions of dairy products. You can always buy more if you use up what you have at home.

2. It’s sensitive
Dairy products are extremely sensitive to the conditions they are stored in. Refrigeration is one thing, but did you know that even small changes in the temperature of your fridge can reduce the shelf life of your milk? With sour cream and cheese, keeping them air-tight will help them last longer. Get to know your fridge, and how it can help keep your dairy healthy.

3. It uses up resources
For every 1kg of Greek yoghurt made, 4kg of milk is needed to actually make it – that’s 4 times the yoghurt’s weight! It’s no surprise that yoghurt is the dairy product that is most encouraged to be bought in bulk in supermarket promotions, and while the value for money may be tempting, it’s rare that you can use it all up. Buy less of it, and use up as much of it as you can.

Unlike many foods, the making of dairy products takes more time and resources. Follow these easy tips to make sure you don’t contribute to dairy waste. Every effort counts!

Grundig’s refrigerator technologies create the ideal conditions for all kinds of perishable food, such as dairy products. Thanks to CustomFresh+, the temperature in your refrigerator remains stable without temperature fluctuations – giving you the flexibility to enjoy the cheese of the week at its freshest. Furthermore, our FullFresh+0° technology prevents perishables from drying out, even without packaging. Besides, the Super Fresh zone is designed to keep food at a lower temperature, meaning that dairy products will retain their full flavour and nutritional benefits for a longer period of time. Find out more by clicking on one of the technology teasers below.