Banana Ice Cream
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Banana Ice Cream

We’ve all been there: we go to grab a banana to chow down on for a healthy snack, only to find that it is simply too ripe and soft to eat. As fruit makes up the largest proportion of wasted food, it’s important that we use our bananas wisely.

And everyone likes ice cream! This banana ice cream is a healthy treat which you can top and turn into whatever you like. Enjoy as a dessert or as a summer snack.

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10 Min.


Ripe bananas sliced and frozen
Toppings of your choice
Fresh fruit
Dry fruit
Spices e.g. Cinnamon
Peanut or almond butter


Put frozen, sliced bananas into a blender.

Add toppings (you can also save the toppings to serve them with the ice cream).

Blend well.

Pour into suitable container and freeze for at least an hour.

Decorate with your choice of fruit.

Serve and enjoy.