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English Potted Cheese

Are you chucking your cheddar cheese away?

Cheeses like cheddar tend to go mouldy before we realise.

So if you have some cheddar cheese leftover, don’t throw it away! Make this English classic: potted cheese. The English are known for their comforting foods and heart meals, and just like that, this is an easy, dish which is full of cheesy softness and mellow flavour.

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15 Min.


Serves 6-8
100g unsalted butter
400g cheddar cheese, grated
2tbsp white port
1tsp English mustard
A pinch of ground mace


Prepare your ingredients.

Cream the butter.

Add ground mace to mixture.

Add mustard and white port to mixture.

Put this mixture into a large bowl and add small amounts of the cheddar one at a time, folding it into the butter mixture.

Scoop mixture into glass container and store.

Scoop mixture into serving into serving bowl when ready to serve.

Spread on your favourite breads and enjoy.