French Toast: Return of the Bread – Respect Food

French Toast: Return of the Bread

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20 Min.


4 Thick Slices of Stale Bread
1 tsp Vanilla Essence
50 ml Double Cream
2 Large Eggs
40 g Walnuts
Oil, to fry
Soft Brown Sugar


First whisk eggs, cream and vanilla essence in a bowl.

At the same time, after lubricating a large pan, we open it slightly to warm it.

As the pan heats up, we put our stale breads in the egg mixture.

We pour brown sugar into another bowl.

We put the bread we extracted from the egg mixture into brown sugar. Then put in a pan for browning.

Fry both sides until the breads are caramelized

While serving our toasts, we place walnuts on it and make them ready for service.