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Everyone loves hummus, and there is no better taste than the one that is made at home and is made fresh. This simple, classic recipe is a hit with everyone.

This tasty hummus proves that there is nothing like homemade. Enjoy this hummus all round the year, and see how you can keep your garlic out of the garbage.

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15 Min.


600g boiled or canned chickpeas, drained (with 7tbsp of the liquid reserved)
2 garlic cloves, crushed
4tsp tahini
4tbsp lemon juice
1tsp sea salt
6tbsp extra-virgin olive oil


Grab your food processor. In the container, add the chickpeas.

Add crushed or whole garlic.

Add the tahini and sea salt.

Squeeze in lemon juice and the liquid from the chickpeas.

Turn on the food processor until the texture is becoming consistent.

When halfway through, add the olive oil and blend through again.

Serve and garnish.