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Tip — 16.07.2021

Fresh Ways to Reuse Leftovers

The world loses an appalling quantity of food every year. 1,3 billion tons of edible food and 1.6 billion tons of “primary product equivalents” are lost or wasted. We can all help prevent this by taking some steps together. Here are some refreshing recipes that will keep you cool and help avoid waste this summer.

Fresh Fruits 

Leftover fresh fruits can be a kitchen favorite as you can use them to create many fresh summer flavors. Freeze excess fruit while fresh helps avoid waste, and you can enjoy them anytime you like. Fruits such as raspberries, blackberries, blueberries can be frozen as is, while whole fruits such as bananas, pineapple, and peaches work better when cut into small chunks. They are perfect as a frozen, delicious fresh snack on their own and as a yummy ingredient in smoothies and desserts.


Never underestimate the power of a smoothie! When done right, it can count as a proper meal. Leftover fruits, greens, milk, seeds, and yogurt can all be transformed into a satisfying, nutritious smoothie that is healthy and tasty. Just add all your leftover fresh veggies and fruits, add your liquid of choice, and you are set. You can blend vegetables with sweet fruit like berries, bananas, or mango to balance the flavors and keep the nutrients. So why not give this quick and refreshing mango smoothie recipe a try?

Fruit ice cream or Freeze Sliced Fruits

Have a bunch of bananas on the counter that are going brown? They will be perfect for making fruit-flavored ice cream. First, slice and freeze the bananas. Once frozen, they are ready to be used to make delicious and healthy ice cream.

Check out our banana ice cream recipe here.

Pickle Leftover Vegetables

Pickling your vegetables is an easy and brilliant way to use any leftover odds and ends. Chop any vegetables like onions, cucumbers, cabbages, carrots, or zucchinis and submerge them back into leftover pickle juice or apple cider vinegar. Let them marinate for a day or two, and they’ll be ready to be served as a side or a delicious salad topper.

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